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Congratulations for being one step closer to your ideal retirement!

At SG Lifetime Income, we specialise in helping our clients to grow their savings into a stream of endless Lifetime Income. We take pride in our extensive platform that enables us to serve you in the best possible know how regardless if you are in your 20s, 40s, or even 60s. With our years of profession and meticulous financial planning, Financial Freedom is made possible and achievable with us.

Be the wise and prudent.

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Lifetime Income

Are you holding on to a lump sum either from
1) Retirement Savings
2) Windfall
3) Business being acquired
4) Saving plans matured
And is unsure of how to maximise the potential growth of your money?
Are you planning to disservice yourself by doing the following?
Option 1: Invest it

The returns from investment (in stocks or shares) might be rewarding, but it's also too risky to put all your golden pot into the stock market. Many investors lost more than 30% of their investment during stock market crash in 2008

Option 2: Put into a Fixed Deposit

Guaranteed LOW returns. Your golden pot can't even catch up with inflation. Moreover, after the maturity of your existing FD, you have to source for a new avenue to grow your funds (which is a chore!) And if you ever need some emergency cash, taking out your FD will forfeit the interest earned.

Option 3: Traditional annuity plans

The traditional annuity plans not only requires long accumulation period but also only pays out income after a fixed number of years. With better medical treatment and people leading healthier lifestyle, what if we out-live the income payout period?

Perfect Solution

With all the above limitations, we have a perfect solution for you.


Short waiting time to receive payout


Start receiving passive income as early as 5th year onwards


Capital guaranteed*


Does not draw down on your capital while you receive your lifetime income


Flexibility to withdraw your money anytime after 5 years


Option to pass down this sum of money to your next generation

*capital guaranteed after 5th year.

Please speak to our consultants before purchase 


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